Sunday, July 14, 2019

Historicon Day 3 The Finale

The final day of Historicon - there are always a handful of games on Sunday morning,  but unofficially the event is over on Saturday. 

It felt to me like Saturday wasn't as busy as Friday was and there were a lot of the same games being run from the day before too - but I will say that I played in a game and was in a couple of Hobby University classes so maybe that is why I felt that way.

That amazing Pegasus Bridge game was being played again and this time the sun hadn't gotten around to that side of the building so I was able to get much better photos. This table was an absolute highlight of the entire event.

I got over to Jason's (aka Doctor Merkury) fantastic G.I. Joe pulp game for a few minutes and it looked like everyone was having a blast - and I had taken three more photos but I must have been moving my hand as they were all blurry, so here's a link to his blog with a ton more photos of the Brew Up In Benzeen. I wanted to say "hello" and let him know I was the Saturday Mornings guy but didn't want to interrupt his game 🙂

How cool was this table - a four level river boat fully accessible!!

It's always fun to see zombie games have just a wall of the undead like in a movie.

And finally, I found this quite interesting and thought I'd share. I noticed this building on my first day because it literally looked like a castle, so I was like "what in the world is that?" - turns out it's the Lancaster County Prison. Right in downtown and right next to a park no less?!?!

I'll do one more Historicon wrap up post and then on to cleaning up some posts that have been in draft mode for months. And then figure out if I'm going to try to build another table/game for Historicon 2020 - but I think for certain if I do decide to do it I'm going to need to have a partner, and why I'll discuss in the wrap up post.

Hopefully all the photos over the past few days have helped to convey the size and scope of the event 😀

As always, thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Historicon Day 2

Day 2 saw a big increase in the number of attendees and games.

And as you can see from the first photos here, the quality of the tables were just fantastic!

Very clever way of being able to have the gunfight inside the cars of the train.

Too Fat Lardies 'What A Tanker' played with what looked like 1/35 scale tanks!

This was one of the three main gaming rooms - this was the one I felt really had low lighting issues, though the photo doesn't seem to show that.

This was the third main gaming room, on the third floor ironically. The lighting in this room was really good.

This was just an amazing Normandy table featuring Pegasus Bridge, all in glorious 28mm 😀 It's too bad the table was right next to the window causing shadows for the photos.

Helms Deep. No words...

Some really impressive LOTR tables too.

7TV pulpy goodness.

Who doesn't love Star Wars? At first I thought that the GM had gotten hold of the new SW Legion Taun Tuan models, but they were from the old Wiz Kids miniatures game I believe.

I finally got to participate in one of the Hobby University classes - something that I've wanted to do for years now. The class I got in to was 'Painting the 2 Foot Figure' - basically how to get a tabletop quality figure done quickly. I was just looking for some possible tricks as I'm just not enjoying painting much anymore. Anyway, not a whole lot of stuff I didn't already know or do, but the instructor did pass on a really neat trick for painting eyes (which I never ever do!) and I couldn't believe the results! This was probably the best I'd ever done on a face as well, something that I usually just throw washes over the base color. I'll pass along the trick in a future post so I can accompany some photos.

Another full day, with much more happening throughout the convention. Saturday should be even bigger. I have my Gunfighter's Ball game scheduled at 10am, and I'm very much looking forward to that 😀

As always, thanks for looking!