Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Saloon, a Doctor, and a Hotel

Today's update is on three more buildings. The first is 4Ground's two story under construction building. I'll be completely honest, when I first saw this kit, I wasn't too impressed and only purchased it because I got a really good deal on it. It's pretty funny looking back on that now, because this may actually be my favorite building on the whole board!

The first thing I wanted to do was to actually make the building look like it was under construction, instead of just the frame work. I went back and forth whether or not to use strips of balsa wood, plastic card, or foam board. As I was looking around the room for more ideas, I noticed the extra pieces of the Livery Stable front that I cut off sitting in box ( I'll show that build in a future post, as that was really the first kit that I really changed the original build around ). It couldn't have worked out any better. It was 4Ground material so it matched perfectly to everything else on the board.

I just took the miscellaneous pieces and placed them around the frame. It couldn't have been any easier with absolutely brilliant results! I also had some extra black pieces of wood that I placed on the roof to give that a little more life. At first, I wasn't sure what type of business I wanted to be "coming soon". My original thought was a Barber Shop and I'd actually made the sign for it and had it sitting on the front boardwalk.

But then the narrative part of the board starts raising its objections. Why in the world would you have this size of a building be a Barber Shop? Being a larger building I decided I could easily make it another saloon, and besides, you can never have enough saloons and shady owners vying for patronage. So was born The Black Cat Saloon. It was another sign I found, that immediately when I saw it, I knew it was going to get on the board somehow, but until now was still sitting off to the side.

I placed the sign on an extra wooden Litko base to pull it off the building and used an extra sign from the Undertakers to make the side sign. I added the small "Open Soon" sign on the front which, again incredibly simple, but really improves the sign. I have since also added a small "Open Soon" sign on the side sign as well. The clock with no hands finishes the look. The lamp posts are already in, and miscellaneous piles of wood, doors, windows, and ladders all add to the under construction feel. I couldn't be any more pleased with how this building turned out, and as I said this probably my favorite, and it was upgraded in no time and with no effort!

The Santa Fe Hotel is a kit bash of Rogan's Bar and the Undertakers. The first floor and the second is from the Undertakers and the front door (again, if I could change it I absolutely would, I don't like this type of door for a hotel) and roof are from Rogan's.

I painted this one with Army Painter Skeleton Bone, like the Wells Fargo Office, but went with a much lighter wash this time, so they look like completely different colors. The window frames and door frames were painted with Army Painter Matte White.

I added styrene strips to the porch overhang and added balsa wood posts as well. More lamp posts were added out front. I used some of the Woodland Scenic dry transfers to create a "painted on" sign directly on the back of the building. Again, absolutely horrific to work with, but the lettering not lining up perfectly lends to the Old West feel I think.

I found these really neat blue "Hotel" signs that work perfectly for my side signs. I glued them onto plastic card and cut them to size. There was just something about the "Santa Fe" sign I placed above the front door that really bothered me. I have since given the frame a sepia wash and it helped the look immensely, but I think what really bothers me is that I cut the "S" way too close to the frame. Something I will probably address in the future.

The last building is Dr. O.A. Kinsel's Apothecary. 4Ground's main street building #2. I think if I had it do over again, I would probably paint at least one side (if not both) and the back a wood color. Anyway, a town has to have a doctor and being a two story building it also allowed me to put a dentist office upstairs.

I used 4Ground's New Wood Shingles for the roof and the overhangs. This one I got the peak shingles installed correctly. A light Vallejo wash was applied to dull it down a bit.

A small stove chimney (an old model train part) was added to the roof. I found this really neat "tooth" sign that I placed on the side of the building, as well as the side sign (which if you are able to zoom in, has a picture of a saw under the doctor's name. Makes me want to run away, not want to come in!).

One thing I'm struggling with on all my two story buildings is the stairways. I feel they need some sort of railing.

I know for game play, it may hinder movement a bit, but I think I can come up with something in the future that could work. Another thing added to the ever growing "to do" list! All boardwalks were dulled down with Age It Easy.

Another three buildings on their way soon! Thanks for taking a look, much appreciated!


  1. I really like the clock face on the building under construction. Where did you get that?

  2. Thanks! Just a generic Google search of vintage clock faces.