Friday, July 3, 2015

A Few New Citizens In Fords Canyon

I completed a few figures that will help populate Fords Canyon earlier this week.  All the figures are from Blue Moon, their Old West box set. Not the best figures in regards to sculpts, but for what I paid for them, I'm happy with them.

The figure on the left will end up passing for Jewel from Deadwood. In the center is my bartender and next to him is one of the town doctors, I have Doc Cochran from Brigade Games "not" Deadwood set as well, to be completed hopefully before November :) . I have all of the "not" Deadwood sets from Brigade and they are fantastic! Highly recommend checking them out if you are a fan of series.

Another close enough Deadwood figure is Wu, on the  left. Next is the barber and then two saloon ladies. The more I look at the light blue lady, the more I absolutely hate my color choice! Seriously, what was I thinking? That is going to have to be something I change here shortly!  Really pleased with the lady in red and black though. Oh well, at least I got one right :)

The last set has my blacksmith, lawyer, and what really looks like a very unlikable fellow - I'll probably make him my town villain, though had I thought about it, he kind of resembles Al Swearengen a bit, and you can never have enough Al figures in my opinion. I should have painted him as such. Again, another "oh well" I guess. Strike two for this set!

Here is some of the WIP shots -which again, I'm horrible at remembering to do :)

This last photo is some pulp figures that I have decided will be my next venture. I've been following the Pulp Alley rules posts on TMP, LAF, and of course the home site for Pulp Alley, and I really am chomping at the bit to try these rules out. Everyone seems to really love them. I'm having a little bit of a hard time getting the combat rules straight, and I'm really hoping when I'm at Historicon in a few weeks that I can find someone hosting a game using these rules - I think if I see the game being played first hand, I'll catch on much quicker.
As always, thanks for looking!


  1. Played Pulp Alley once and it was a total hoot. Looks like you have more than enough guys for some fun (and characterful) forces. I quite like the colour selection on your far right saloon girl. The camera focused on the building, so they are a bit blurry to tell, but it looks like it has some great highlighting/white lining on the bodice.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, the girl in black and red I'm super happy with - actually one of figures where when you look at it, you can't believe that you were the one who actually painted it. The other one... awful. Looks like a cheerleader. Still can't figure out what I was thinking.