Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Pulp Alley Prep

My second box from Cresent Root Studios arrived last week to round out my desert buildings and accessories for my Pulp Alley game. As I mentioned in my last post, I can't recommend these buildings enough, and Mark is absolutely a top notch guy to work with!

I picked up the market set and the fountain and couldn't be happier, they really look the business!

Below is a picture of model #28E1 (each building has a letter and a number to designate which series it's from, as opposed to an actual building "name" per se). This is the biggest building in the series and for what I'm trying to accomplish with this particular Pulp Alley game, it really doesn't fit - but I can see this building being the base for the evil villain in a future game though!

Building 28F1 is actually a series of four separate pieces packed as one set, which is great because it allows you to use the buildings as you want to create your own configurations. These are also the only buildings in the entire set that have a raised base.

When I realized these buildings had a raised base I immediately though "train platform", which was brilliant because I absolutely love a train as a backdrop (even though it has zero to do with game play - I think I got just as many compliments and inquiries on my Old West train as I did on the whole table for Dead Man's Hand at Historicon last year, and it did nothing but sit there and look pretty!). There's just something about a train I guess. Anyway, I lined everything together and then used a 4Ground 15mm Corduroy Bridge to extend the platform out a bit - I have another bridge I need to build that will end up extending the platform further. And of course need to find a period locomotive :)

I've been on quite an Indiana Jones kick lately, trying to get inspiration and ideas from the movies, books, and comics, and then remembered how absolutely brilliant the line of "Nice try Lao Che!" is while watching Temple of Doom (probably my favorite line in the entire series, followed closely by "I don't know, I'm making this up as I go" from Raiders) and thought "let's make a Lao Che Air Freight building". Easy enough. And why not paste a whole bunch of his logos on all the boxes? Done.

I ordered two more bags of palm trees and have got those painted and plates started for them. The palm leaves were painted with Army Painter Goblin Green, and the trunks with Vallejo Model Air Camo Light Brown. First three plates are almost completed, just need the second coat of the yellow flock. There is enough trees to probably make another 10 to 15 plates, so I'm going to be set on palm trees forever now!

I also finished re-painting a truck I picked up at a hobby shop years ago, have no idea of its actual scale but it fits nicely with the 28mm figures. It's one of those cars that will run across the floor when you pull it backwards to wind up the back wheels. Needs weathered and the hubcaps need either painted or dulled down somehow, as they are much to bright. But overall looks the part for a pulp game.

Also primed some mountain/hills I picked up off Ebay.

And got all the rest of my pulp figures primed and based - 72 figures to paint (yeah, right!).

Completed my first two leagues. Here is the "good guys" led by Hutton Kincaid IV. I've got this idea that it would be fun to create this fictional family so I'll be able to follow their adventures through the different eras. Below is my American Civil War Kincaid, Hutton the II, and peacekeeper of the Old West, Hutton the III.

Hutton Kincaid II
Hutton Kincaid III
The "bad guys" league led by Barnabus Perry and sidekick Amon Sighn.

Sometime in the future perhaps... Indiana Jones versus The Mummy?!

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. You've been busy! Those buildings are familiar :-) I really like the signage you've put on the boxes and building. Nice combination with the 4Ground walkways as well!

    1. Thanks, though I feel one of my biggest problems is starting too many small projects and not finishing them! I have to say though, Cresent Root is now easily at the top of my favorite buildings. Mark needs to start on some Chicago style 1930's buildings pronto!

      And who doesn't like a cool Lao Che Air Freight building and boxes!

      Here's what I really need you to do though Jay; get Pulp Alley (or I'll buy it and send it to you) and do a video tutorial with the guys, like you did with Dead Man's Hand! Ok? Great! *I'm having a time and a half getting the rules straight and I learn so much better when someone else is teaching*

    2. Lol, have never even looked at it. Would you say it is closers to M&T or DMH as a rules set? I have nothing for pulp, although I just just buy the cool Germans carrying the arc of the covenant from Indiana Jones :-) I think poor old Mark has been swamped with orders ;-)

      Also, I have tons of unnamed binge shopping micro periods myself ;-)

    3. Ha! I was actually looking at that ark myself awhile ago! Did you get the one from the Australian company? I forget the name now - the shipping is what turned me away. I think Mark owes you a beer!

      I would say more DMH, you're throwing interrupt cards much in the same way. The hang-up I'm having is with combat (think the way X-Wing's dice work in a way with matching dice) and their unique initiative system. It has an absolutely brilliant customization option for creating your own characters, which in turn form your leagues (their term for the group of characters you'll use in the game). From what everyone says, once you get past how initiative runs and combat it is really easy to play, as there are no charts or anything else to reference during actual game play.

      I also love the fact that it's a father daughter team that make it basically out of their home! And also that the rules can really be used for any time period - I've read AAR's using the rules for sci-fi, old west, spy genre, modern, and of course pulpy 1930's action. Now if only I was a wee bit smarter, I'd have figured it all out and played by now!