Thursday, January 19, 2017

4Ground Crates and Boxes

A quick and easy post today... I've had these kits from 4Ground for quite a while now, and one thing I really want to try to do this year, in addition to my 2017 goals, is clean up those little projects that I have scattered all over the studio. First up were these 28mm wild animal crates by 4Ground.

Super easy to put together, no issues whatsoever - takes a little time but really easy.

There are 6 different types of crates, two of each type.

"Congo" is a skirmish adventure game set in 18th/19th century Africa that is getting a lot of attention right now and these would be perfect for that setting. So if you are playing "Congo" grab yourself a set of these crates!

The second pack were just basic 28mm crates and boxes.

Again, super easy to put together.

Just like the wild animal crates you get 6 different types, 2 of each type.

This is a photo of the first 28mm 4Ground crate kit that I completed early last year. 12 much smaller crates. All the same size, no variations like the other two kits.

And some photos of the crates on the table with some figures for height comparisons.

Super happy with how these turned out, and can't recommend these enough! These will definitely add to your table and games and without a doubt worth the money! 36 crates all built and ready for a game. 

My only thought after seeing these photographs is maybe I should have tried to put some animals in the crates or even just glued photos in the windows of animals - I don't know, just thinking out loud :)

I also found a couple of books I'd been looking for for quite a while now while ordering a few items from Noble Knight Games.

These books allowed my imagination to grow and my creativity to flourish. Through these books, and all the supplement books that went with them, I began to build and paint models, but more importantly build terrain and run games. It was without a doubt some of the most fun I've ever had rolling dice.

Even though reading over the actual text in the books again was, well, pretty brutal :) it was really fun to flip through these pages again for the first time in over 30 years. To be able to think back on those early games, the grid paper maps, the Ral Partha figures, the modules, the all night sessions, etc. But more importantly to remember the small group of friends (names and faces I've not thought of for years) who I played with was definitely worth the $10.00 :)

Now, if only I could go back to 30 years ago!

As always, thanks for looking!

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