Monday, May 29, 2017

Agent Daniel Sousa

You can't have an Agent Carter game without Daniel Sousa, especially if I'm going to set the story in America. So I had to find a figure that was close to character, but more importantly also in a pose that could accommodate a crutch.

I found the perfect proxy so the only thing that I needed to sort out was making the crutch. I grabbed a few different sizes of styrene rods and went to work, cutting the pieces to fit Sousa's arm.

The crutch went together really quick and the Ambroid Pro Weld glue worked brilliantly for the build - honestly that is what made this little piece so easy to create. Can't recommend this glue enough if you are doing any kind of work with plastics.

This was my first real custom piece and I was pretty surprised at how good it actually turned out! I think I had the whole thing cut, put together, and painted within 10 minutes. I also ended up adding a tie to the figure - I cut out the shape from a rug template I printed out ages ago. I think it looks really good and it's something that I'll definitely continue to do in the future whenever I have a figure with a tie.

And there you go, Daniel Sousa, all ready to lead the agents of the SSR against whatever bad guys I throw up against him!

One last quick photo - I'm messing about with possible lighting effects for the underground facility part of the board, and here are some containment units that I think will end up housing Zero Matter. That may change though, we'll see, all depends on what story I'm going with. But it looks pretty damn cool for just a rough throw together :)

Just a quick post this time around, so until next time (which will definitely be some underground facility goodness), thanks for looking!


  1. Love the crutch! The lighting looks great ... can't wait to see the underground!!

  2. Thanks my friend! The vision is there, hopefully the execution will be too :)

  3. Brilliant conversion! And the lighting looks the business!

    1. Thanks Gordon! I've got some neat ideas for all the lights, hopefully it'll work out :)