Thursday, June 22, 2017

A New Idea

First, apologies for the semi-melt down the other day! When you have a vision and don 't see it being able to be completed it can be frustrating. One thing that working on the farm really allows is for me to have a ton of time alone around the property. And usually it's when my mind is racing with ideas and thoughts of the past and future.

I was in the pastures yesterday when I couldn't stop thinking about Historicon and in a lightbulb moment it hit me "Why am I completely focused on a 1946-47 Agent Carter setting in the US when I can easily put her in Europe during the war?" And I'd even written about that as a possibility for the story in early posts about the game!? Seriously, what's wrong with me?!

Probably because, number 1, I already have the narrative submitted to HMGS and it's in the PEL as that, and number 2 because I continue to watch and have in the background the Agent Carter tv show on while working, which of course is set in that time period. This is pretty much been my bedtime routine for quite a while now, reading through the books and watching the show.

If I put the narrative in Europe during the war I have pretty much everything I already need built, there definitely would need detail work done, but it's nothing like what still needs done with the underground facility. I feel an incredible sense of relief that I can still pull this off and now even possibly leave it where, like a cliff hanger season finale, next year actually have the facility built and ready for Historicon and the narrative continues from there.

So part one would be built around finding the McGuffin in the bombed out church, which has been sitting on the floor for the past 3 months or so and I walk by it every time I'm up in the studio, and then part two the manor. Story wise I'll need to sort the details out but I feel that it's there - somewhere anyway!!

I have an entire town of 4Ground buildings to represent a destroyed city, as well as trees and roads. Again though, detail work will have to be done on them.

I have several "field" Carter's and the Howling Commando figures, as well as the Hydra soldiers, ready so that's a big item to be able to check off. Here are the Carter figures - the first one will definitely be the one used for the game, almost identical to her outfit in the Agents of Shield episode she was in, as well as season one of Agent Carter when she met up with the Howling Commando's in Europe.

Here are some of the Howling Commandos. I have that first version of Steve Rodgers Captain America on the right, you can kind of see the star under the jacket. I have a Dum Dum figure but the head is all wrong. We'll see what we can do about that.

A few more commando possibilities, as well as another Zola in white lab coat, and a couple of Red Skull options.

Hydra Soldiers - armed to the teeth though. That will have to be adjusted for gameplay balance without question.

Fingers crossed that we've found a solution and that I can pull it off in time. It's always an emotional rollercoaster here at Studio 13 lol!!

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. lol ... see ... a little time and some sanity can sneak back into life! :-) Excellent idea!

  2. Yeah, certainly a bit of a Homer Simpson "doh" moment, especially when I kind of had that idea of placing the story during the war anyway. Still lots to do though, so fingers crossed.

  3. I agree with jay - an excellent idea

    We should put on a joint game!

    1. Oddly enough, the first thing on my to do list on Wednesday was to search you out and suggest just that very thing! :)

    2. consider it a done deal for 2018 - maybe even an impromptu game this year!

    3. Brilliant! July 2018, the month Miles and Ivor make Historicon, wait for it... lengend - dary :)
      Can't wait to brainstorm on this!