Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pirates, Smart As Paint Says I

I always found that line in Treasure Island, "smart as paint" - and in every version too, so it must be taken right from the book - kind of funny and strange at the same time. Anyway, these six figures are the first of many many pirates being based currently and they are from Foundry's Treasure Island Characters blister.

Doctor Livesy.

Long John Silver, sans the classic Disney red coat, but he does have Captain Flint on his shoulder :)

Blind Pew, who is easily my favorite figure of the pack. Christopher Lee played Pew in the Charlton Heston version of Treasure Island (which also has a young Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins) and was just fantastic in the few scenes he was in.

Crazy Ben Gunn.

Jim Hawkins.

And finally Captain Smollett.

I'm sure you're going "Really Ivor, clear bases on pirates?". Yup. And the picture above is the exact reason why. Now I won't have that out of place look of the tradition based figure, with grass/rocks/plants/flowers/etc., while they are on the ships (please excuse the sloop as it only has it's primer on!). So it's clearly clear bases going forward lol!

Until next time, thanks for looking!


  1. For Blood and Plunder or something else?

    1. I don't think that these particular figures will see B&P, unless as objectives or in the background - the bulk of the B&P figures are still being worked on, but I have about 50 pirates completed just waiting for their bases. I can see these guys in land skirmish games, maybe Pulp Alley or one of the new 18th century skirmish rules sets :)

  2. Wow two post together Ivor & you would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids, great models & you know my feeling on clear base, btw I'm 55 & still love cartoons :)

    1. Ha, thanks Frank! Lots more to try to post up before the new year. Love me some Saturday morning cartoons too :)