Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jonny Quest & Hadji Singh

Bet you didn't know Hadji's last name! The useless information we nerds store away is immense :)

Finally completed the last two members of the Quest team today, and though I'm not anywhere close to 100% happy with the figures - mostly the poses - there just wasn't a whole lot of choices. I'm just not skilled enough to work with green stuff and converting metal figures to make exactly what I wanted or had pictured in my mind as to what Jonny and Hadji should look like on the tabletop.

And it actually took me forever to find these figures - I have a bag full of 8 different "kid" figures I'd bought and attempted Jonny and Hadji before, with no success. I initially had this particular figure set as Hadji because I thought this pose was more in line with him, but the clothing of the other figure fit way better.

This pose is just a total head scratcher for me, and why I initially thought I'd make this figure Jonny - I was going to put a weapon in his hand. He's not holding anything, he's not pointing; maybe he's just opened a door and is saying 'c'mon in' or he's waiting tables and saying 'here is your table'??!! I tried to bend Hadji's arm as best I could to improve the look, but it didn't help that much. Oh, well.

It was nice not to have to try to worry about shading or different colors blending into each other for the entire gang, as I wanted that same solid block look from the cartoon.

Certainly not the best representation of the Quest gang, but until someone comes out with a "not" Jonny Quest blister (which why in the world has this not happened yet is beyond me!!??) this will have to do.

I also completed the league stats for everyone for Pulp Alley. Holy smokes was that difficult. I changed my mind on Leader, Sidekick, and Ally several times, as well as the skills. I initially thought maybe two Sidekicks, but decided that Race should end up as the Leader, as he was really the most powerful in the group. But then it was who should be the Sidekick? Dr. Quest? I ended up choosing Jonny, as I felt he'd be out running around the tabletop much more than Benton would. So that left Hadji and Benton as Allies.

After many changes I am pretty happy with the skills I finally decided on for everyone - though I think I'm going to give Jonny one more skill (even though it does break the points total for abilities slots). I'm going to give him the "Jonny Slide" which will allow him to  run up to 16" instead of 12" - which is just the level 1 ability Speedy. Anyone familiar with the cartoon knows all about the Jonny slide :)
And I think I knocked it out of the park with the Quest gang's League Perk of "Bastion of Science" - 'this perk may give you extra points to use towards selecting Gear. Before the game, the Leader may roll their Cunning skill to develop/request gadgets for the upcoming scenario. Each success counts as 1 point of Gear' - and there is a whole list of cool science/spy type gadgets and gear to choose from. Think Q Branch from the James Bond series. This is something that even though I'm rolling on Race's Cunning skill were going to say it's Dr. Quest making this happen :)

I also started on some scenery that I'm going to use for Pulp Alley. These are from 4Ground (of course!) and will create the ruins of an old building out in the desert.

Super easy to put together. I grabbed three different kits and have two completed as of this afternoon, so one more to go.

I also grabbed this set of Arabs, camels, and some goats. I though that would be neat to have as possible plot points or just interesting eye candy for the table.

As well as starting on some objective markers from Spartan Games. These are absolutely fantastic molds that have a ton of narrative built right into them. I added a scan of an old map onto the objective on the right which brings the piece up a level in the cool factor imho!

Inching closer and closer to a game.
My problem is I'm way too much of a perfectionist, and think I always need way more eye candy than is really necessary for an AAR. Artists...

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. Wonderful and atmospheric street vienws!

  2. Some great stuff Ivor, I noticed that with one of the league members you where not sure what he was meant to be doing, a problem with models is their not able to move or pick thing up or whatever.

    Something I noticed people doing & it's something I'm starting to do myself is they have a couple of different models to be the same person, eg when just having a nice talk he's unarmed then has a gun in he's hand for a shoot out that kind of thing, while when playing someone else you might not want to be switching models all the time it's great for solo play.

  3. That's a really good idea Frank! That could allow me to get those minor characters from the show into a game :)
    For this first attempt, to balance numbers I definitely tried to make Race and Jonny the two that would deal with the fighting a bit more, and Benton and Hadji as plot point runners - though my first game really had Jonny doing the plot point running. But what's fun about this game is I can easily go back and change that entire thought process and roll of each character :)