Monday, February 20, 2017

New Stuff And Old New Stuff

While I'm getting myself sorted and organizing the second chapter in the Jonny Quest campaign, I thought I would do a bit of an unboxing of my Blood and Plunder order that just arrived a few days ago.

I imagine that I'm no different from probably 90% of people who read the blog - we all have multiple era's that we game in, have an obscene amount of miniatures (more than likely unpainted!), stacks of different rules books, terrain, etc... you know what I'm talking about :)

The low ceiling makes it look much worse than it really is.
That was written in my sarcasm font.

Well, add another era for me. Perhaps not necessarily new, because when I was organizing some boxes last week I found a whole box with pirate figures in it - big surprise right?! In it I found 3 boxes of NorthStar's 'On The Seven Seas' pirate sets - Blackbeard looks absolutely amazing! -  Foundry's Treasure Island set and captains, along with a few Old Glory bags of captains, sea dogs, and a really neat buried treasure set.

Firelock Games have now released their new pirate game Blood and Plunder and I had to pick it up, mostly because they have ships!!! And besides, who doesn't like pirates?! I actually have the 'On The Seven Seas' ruleset by Osprey, but never got to play it. So even if I actually remembered everything I had bought in that box from above, I'm certain that wouldn't have detered me in the least bit to go in pretty big on B&P.

I picked up the starter sets for both the English Buccaneers and the Brethren of the Coast.
The English came with
12 Freebooters
4 Forlorn Hope
8 Sea Dogs
1 Buccaneer Commander
9 Game Cards
1 Sloop
1 English Activation Card Deck

And the Brethren
8 Boucaniers
8 Freebooters
4 Forlorn Hope
4 Marineros
1 English Buccaneer Commander
9 game cards
1 Sloop
1 Unaligned Activation Card Deck

I also grabbed the rule book, marker dice, two long boats, light cannons, swivel guns, and some ship accessories (those were all in those little bags in the photo of the rule book). A pretty solid haul for the overall cost, which was completely paid for with the money I made from selling all my old West End Games Star Wars RPG books - a total of 68 books
. Though I am regretting not getting some of the bigger ships. They have both a Brigantine and a Frigate available as well.

Super excited about this game and the possibilities it could have, both in regards to terrain (I've always wanted to do something with water) and miniatures. What I'm really afraid of though is getting caught up in that new game whirlwind like I did last year with The Chicago Way and me possibly changing for, the what, third time?!, what exactly I'm going to take to Historicon. Because at this point I've done nothing further at all on the WWII game or table. And on top of that GEG just announced another Dead Man's Hand expansion with zombies and the undead...

And here is the old new stuff. Yeah, pretty big soft spot for Batman. Along with Star Wars, Batman was a staple of my early childhood. Even now as a middle aged man; if I had a nickel for every time my wife would roll her eyes at me when she sees me watching The Batman Animated Series cartoons, I'd have a lot of nickels! Anyway,those Mego toys were just fantastic back in the day, the television show with Adam West and Burt Ward was something I looked forward to watching all the time, as well as the cartoons. pinning a towel around my neck and jumping from the top of the stairs thinking I was a superhero... ah, to be young again.

I watched a few battle reports on YouTube early last year and quickly got interested. I found an incredible deal of the rulebook on Ebay for $10.00 and was officially in, even though the retail prices of the figures is absolutely insane - initially my thought was to use the box full of Heroclix I have for the game - I knew that as much as I may have wanted something (like the Heath Ledger Joker) I was never going to pay full retail for it. Throughout the year I keep looking for the bargains and ended up with this by the end of the year.

The problem now is I don't realistically see me playing this game, despite how cool it looks. I've heard quite a lot of bad things regarding the building of the figures, and I know I don't have the skills to paint them to the level they deserve - nor the extra funds to send them off to be painted to that level, as I'm using those to take care of other miscellaneous figures I need painted.

So, more stuff coming in than currently going out. Will I ever be at a point where there is a balance or that nothing like a whole new game will be coming in? I'd really like to think so, because I've got pretty much every time period I'm interested in either already on the table or waiting in boxes. But I'm sure I'm wrong.

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. Arr there be pirate's you say lol, I have to admit I've had to fight with myself more then once not to go down that road Ivor, & what stopped me more then anything was all the rules I came across had no rules for ships, looks like that's not a reason any more lol.

    I've added a link to your blog from mine Ivor hope you don't mind.

    1. Ha! I was definitely the same, it was the ships that really did it for me.
      Absolutely! Put a link up in a reply, I'd love to take a look at it :)

    2. Thanks Ivor Here's a link

    3. Excellent Frank, I'll definitely check it out!

  2. Such is a gamer's lot. At least you seem to have all your stuff nice and tidy in one place...mine is spread out all over the place...the loft, the garage and various corners of the house.

    1. I hear you Gordon, that's what it used to be for me too, everything was all over the place. The number of times I would accidently buy something I already had because it was at the other end of the house... Labeling the boxes was probably my smartest decision, has definitely helped me stay sorted :)

  3. I would say you are the model of restraint in your hobby buying behavior. Ok maybe not but you still serve a higher purpose as my "Mississippi" - I've book marked this post to use an excuse with my wife when she questions the need for more miniatures "I am not as bad as this guy...."

    By the way never try to equate the buying more miniatures with the buying of more women's shoes, it just doesn't end well.

    1. Ha! I'd actually say I'm pretty good compared to you my friend! Your ACW Perry figures alone surely beat EVERYTHING I have!!! lol
      I try to use the horses as my measuring stick to my miniature budget - really, I should by all rights have way more than I do :)

  4. lol ... you are so organized!!! Man ... you really got to move out to CA some day ... or we gotta pack up and head your way. Batman ... I almost went down that path ... then I took a good look at the minis and hated them --- but worst of all was the rules ... horrible. Sad really, cause the terrain can look outstanding and a very good paint job can make the minis look very good ... but anything less and they look garbage IMO. And I think they just killed the game as well (not unsurprisingly).

    I see that Pegasus Bridge model stuck in there ... what a bitch that was to put together. The Blood and Plunder stuff is ***VERY*** tempting ... but I'm staying the course ... stay on target ... ahhhh!! Keep it up man ... and don't forget to try and play a game now and then :-)

    1. I've definitely gotten better with getting everything organized :) The problem now is the ceiling of the attic, it really doesn't allow for storage along the walls, so a move of the studio to the basement may be in the future!

      Yeah, just completely torn regarding Batman... I think it's the Marvel line that got the axe in favor of the new Harry Potter game coming out. Which now that I've just written that, I had completely forgot about it and that is absolutely on my radar for this year!!! Not good.

      I seem to remember that both you and I glued the exact same piece on wrong when we were building that monster!

      I can easily see you jumping on board B&P, especially after you see the ships :)

      Can't play games when you've got no friends!!! Lol Just kidding.
      *not really :)*

    2. lol ... you'll have to press gang some locals into wargaming :-) Ha - I had to get 4Ground to send me a few spare parts to fix my stupidity. :-) I think you are correct - the Marvel line got axed. Forgot about the HP line . ;-)

    3. Maybe there is an app like to find me some people to roll dice with?!
      Now that John shall forever be known as Moff Johnjerrod, pretty sure you're going to need to dress up at the next Picket's Charge event as General Jay Picket no?! :) Curly wig and goatee a must!

  5. Two excellent photos there! I'll show 'em to my wife when she compains about how much stuff I have :-)
    But if I collect everything I have in one place... that might actually be a rather bad idea...
    glad I'm not alone.

    1. Ha! I'm telling you, it's the low ceilings! It's really not that bad :)

    2. That might be a low ceiling but it's a long wall... :-)

    3. Well played my friend, well played! :)