Monday, February 13, 2017

Pulp Alley Back Story - The Curse Of Anubis

So here it is, my first attempt at a solo Pulp Alley game using the Jonny Quest gang. My idea is to have this story line play out over four or five games - I've got a ton of really neat ideas, so fingers crossed! I thought it would make sense to do a post on the story, plot points, and the leagues for each chapter, instead of trying to do that with the actual AAR and then end up having one really long post.

And the two rival leagues for chapter one...
The good guys - The Quest gang, led by Roger 'Race' Bannon.

And the bad guys - Dr. Kazem's gang - led by mercenary for hire Andreas McLagen

Chapter One - Mayhem At Musgrave Manor.
Somewhere on the east coast of the United States...

Dr. Quest has been contacted by longtime friend and colleague Professor Albert Musgrave to help translate hieroglyphics on a newly discovered sarcophagus. The sarcophagus has just been shipped back to Musgrave Manor with the Professor from a recent dig he completed near Cairo. The game will begin with the Quest gang arriving by car just inside the courtyard, while Dr. Kazem's bad guys will enter from the woods behind the cookhouse - the small white building behind all the luggage and crates. They want to take back the sarcophagus for Dr. Kazem to translate . Both groups believe that the hieroglyphics will help lead to a map which ultimately will lead to a lost temple, fabled to hold the treasures of an Egyptian pharaoh, including the legendary Statue of Anubis.

The professor and his way overdressed for the occasion wife.

The major plot point is the sarcophagus in Professor Musgrave's office - on the third floor of  the manor. To secure this plot point your challenge will be to have 3 successes of finesse or cunning. A peril means 2 hits failed. The Professor will have to be secured with a successful challenge before attempting to get the major plot point.

A minor plot point is the professor himself.

Another minor plot point is this weapons cache in the carriage house; which can be used in the next chapter of the story.

The professor has just arrived back at home and has yet to get all his luggage into the manor - another minor plot point is a map of the dig site, where the sarcophagus was found, in one of his suitcases.

And the final minor plot point is the keys to the Mercedes Benz - the keys are actually located on the driver who was the unfortunate victim of Dr. Kazem's cronies who arrived at Musgrave Manor at the same time as the Quest gang. He is located next to the well.

One change I did make to Race was to drop his Dead Eye ability and instead give him the Quick-Strike ability - Once per turn, this character may shift their brawling dice-type down to gain a +2d bonus. I believe that this better represents Race's Judo ability.

That's it, wish me luck on this first solo go of Pulp Alley!

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. Fantastic! THANKS for sharing.

    Pulp Alley

    1. Thanks a lot Dave! Without your solo deck this wouldn't be possible, so again, much thanks!

  2. Wow, Ivor, this is great.Sounds like it will be fun and it looks just superb. It's a great set up and there are so many fantastic details - the interiors, the boxes among the luggage. Wonderful!

    1. Appreciate the comments Bill! You were definitely the inspiration behind this continuing story line thing lol! Hopefully I can do it some kind of justice :)

    2. I have no doubt you will! I've really enjoyed the ongoing stories we've done. Each game feels more significant as it's part of something bigger. There's also the interest in seeing the way characters develop.

    3. Brilliant! The more I was trying to sort through what I wanted to try to do with a story, and plot points and where things would go, it quickly became evident that I could really kind of create my own little movie :) So, we'll see what happens!

  3. Lovely set-up. Look forward to the AAR!

    1. Thanks Gordon! I think I'm going to have to try out your comic book style layout for the AAR's. It seems like it would fit this story :)

  4. Outstanding ... and great interior decorating :-) I can see a ton of work put into getting the hotel complete and furnished! Sounds like a fun game as well!! Love all the details.

    1. Thanks my friend! As you well know, we love the details! I know you've got a big weekend coming up, so good luck :) And I know that you'll take lots of pictures, but I'm going to remind you as well! *maybe even a video or two?!*