Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Eye Candy Prep And WIPs

As I continue to prep for the second chapter in the Jonny Quest campaign, I finished up some more possible plot points and background eye candy.

Here is a mill from Architects of War. These guys always made really neat little vignettes and I've bought several over the years at Historicon, I think I only have one left to complete with this one now finished. Unfortunately these aren't available anymore, as the company went out of business, which is a shame because they are fantastic models.

Another Spartan Games objective marker. Three left to complete the set.

This came out of one of the Old Glory pirate sets I mentioned in the last post. I thought it would be perfect for a pulp game. Who isn't always after buried treasure?

And some priming done. How cool is this piece from Ainsty Castings, the laser table from Goldfinger! It is here that our hero will try to bluff his way out of being cut in half by the laser by mentioning he knows all about the plans for 'Operation Inside The Park Home Run'*.  :)
*copyrighted IvorEvansInc.LLC* lol!!

I'll need to figure out something for the laser beam. Maybe an actual laser pointer somehow built into that back wall!!?? Hmmmm...

Some more Ainsty accessories; a safe, copy machine, and a couple of security check points.

I also began working through the last of my unbuilt 4Ground kits. This Detached House went together easily, except for the roof.

Holy smokes, what a complete nightmare! I've built a ton of 4Ground kits and never had as much of a problem with a roof as I did with this one.  It just didn't fit properly no matter how much I bent and twisted the pieces. I'm going to put shingles on it to help cover up the seams.

I've also completed two of the four damaged mid-terrace houses I have left to build.

All the buildings will get more details at a later date, the biggest thing now was to get them built.

Added flock, rocks, grass and palm trees to a Battlefield in a Box swamp to use as an oasis. I have the regular ponds, but thought I wouldn't go with the deep blue water version for a desert oasis.

But maybe I made the wrong decision? Let me know what you think.

Here are my two skimmers from Dave at Pulp Alley. Unfortunately the second set was missing their bases - I've emailed them about it so hopefully replacements are coming soon.

I'm going to raise the skimmers by adding pegs onto the bases. I think I'm going to use some of the pegs from my Wings of Glory airplanes. This will allow me to raise and lower the height of the skimmer as I need, because as you can see they are pretty low to the ground currently.

Kinda of disappointed that only one figure can be in the skimmer, would have been neat to get two in like in the Jonny Quest episode 'The Fraudulent Volcano'.

I've got pieces and parts coming for a chain link fence, which is really the only thing holding me up from completing chapter 2 of the Quest adventure. I'm sure that I could run the game now, but not having the truck locked up behind the chain link fence would be all I'd be focusing on the whole time, which in turn would make my head explode :)  So stay tuned for that build...

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. Do you expect me to talk ? no I expect you to die Mr Bond lol some very cool stuff there Ivor, the little chest together with the hole with the pick & shovel beside it is so simple yet brilliant & you right it's a shame they want bust as the stuff is very good.

    1. Thanks Frank! I've been wanting that Goldfinger laser table for years now! Hopefully I can finish it to the level it deserves.
      Agreed about AoW, despite all the issues with All Quiet on the Martian Front, and I feel awful for the large number of people who lost out on money and unfulfilled orders, they always had really neat models.

  2. Loads of goodies there! That buried treasure is an excellent idea: I'll have to steal it!

    1. Thanks Bill! Always love all the little detail pieces that add to the narrative :)

    2. Totally agree. In the past I've tended to neglect these things in favour of figures and bigger terrain, but I'm doing more of them these days. Partly it's Pulp Alley, which needs them, buts it's also trying to make a table look inhabited: something your games definitely achieve.

    3. Appreciate it Bill! Much like the interiors of buildings, I sometimes feel I get way too focused on details and terrain that don't matter a whole lot when you look at the big picture. But conversely, I think that really helps me create that narrative piece I'm always after :)

  3. Very nice .. it is all about the scatter terrain! :-)

  4. Wonderful vignettes, absolutly superb, love the noria!

    1. Thanks Phil! Just got lucky with paint brush, it's the models that are definitely superb :)

  5. Great plot points. Always liked the look of the 4Ground houses. Not so sure about the skimmers, though, I have to admit.

  6. Thanks Gordon! We'll see what I come up with for the skimmers. Hopefully the added height by way of the pegs along with possibly making the railings higher will help.