Friday, November 18, 2016

The 4Ground Damaged Church

I've had my eye on this particular kit from 4Ground for quite a while. I always like the idea of having a bombed out building on the table as it definitely gives more narrative to the game - there is also a normal version of this kit as well, but I don't think that'll end up in the shopping cart (though it would be neat to have that complete version on the table and then swap out to the damaged version when it takes hits!).

I used my usual Gorilla super glue for the main part of the build - again, not for faint of heart or the inexperienced 4Ground modeler, but if you've seen any of my other posts I like that I can get a kit built much faster by not having to wait for parts to dry. I did use the recommended PVA for the windows and shingle upgrade (you'll see that below) as that gave me time to adjust and work those much more fragile parts in. The kit went together extremely fast, I finished everything except for the window details over two afternoons, with no issues at all.

The details on the door frames and windows is absolutely fantastic. What makes it even better is the fact that it's not a complex build to get this result; it's simply three parts glued on top of each other, so well done 4Ground.

This was a bit interesting, a part number, B1, was on the front of this window?! So I'll have to either use some scrap MDF or plasticard to cover that up.

And the basic build completed, except for the window details, from several different angles.

I knew that I was going to upgrade this kit as much as my abilities could manage, as I had an final picture in my head before I even began this build. One of the first things that I did was to use the 4Ground shingle add-ons. I still have several of these from other projects in different colors laying around, so it was a matter of deciding which color I thought looked the best. I went with the Glazed Red Tile shingles as I thought it made the church pop a bit more than the gray or blue.

These add-ons are highly recommended if you build any 4Ground kits - I've used them on several builds now and couldn't be more pleased with the end results.

I cut out some single tiles and turned them a bit to give the destroyed parts of the roof more of a distressed look.

And the end results with the MDF plate I cut out for the church...

I also added a couple of Battlefront's Battlefield in a Box Craters to add to the narrative of the destroyed building.

The other thing I did was to go through and add some light and dark grey paint to random bricks throughout the model. As well as using the 4Ground bleached wood paint to paint over the exposed edges, something that I think makes a huge difference in the overall look of the model.

Secret Weapon Exhaust Black pigment and Citadel Nuln Oil was used to enhance the blast hole on the tower, as well as around the walls of the main part of the church. The Secret Weapon pigment is a nice product, but it gets everywhere even when being really careful with the application. I had it on my shirt, pants, all over the MDF plate I cut for the church, and even got it on my Cigar Box Battle mat... extremely frustrating, though ultimately my own fault for not taking a bit more precaution around the mat.

More enhancements were made to the blast hole by adding Pegasus Hobbies bricks randomly around the damaged area.

Black pigment applied to the blasted part of the roof as well.

More Pegasus Hobbies bricks were added throughout the blasted parts of the church, and 4Ground paints were applied to them.

A detail shot of a smaller in tack window and then a partially destroyed one to the right. I used a pair of small scissors to cut the acetate to give an appearance of broken glass to the window. I think it worked brilliantly!

The main stain glass window is amazing! The photo doesn't do it justice at all, definitely something you need to see in person.

The front of the church, and an above shot, before the overall wash was applied.

Flock from Scenic Express was used on the MDF plate, as well as rubble and more random bricks. Below is a quick shot of PVA placed for the rubble and brick piles.

I used the Secret Weapon pigment to enhance the craters, and couldn't be happier with the results.

More of the rubble and bricks.

I didn't take a good photo of them, but the two trees you see - which are from Woodland Scenics - on the base, I used magnets to be able to move them if they caused any issues during game play. I picked these up at the local Hobby Town a few months ago because I had a $5.00 coupon that brought the cost of 20 trees down to $22.00. A great deal price wise and why I jumped at it. Well, these trees are pretty awful. The clump foliage literally just falls off in clumps. I guess for just over a dollar a tree I shouldn't complain, but I don't see me buying these types of trees ever again.

Looking now at the photos I'm going to have to go back to the roof and make some improvements on the scorching. Way too linear.

I really like this shot! I did do some detail work inside the blast hole with rubble and bricks, but didn't get a photo of it.

As usual whenever I use MDF I get the obligatory warping on my base. Extremely frustrating.

And the following is the end results of all the repainting, brick and rubble additions, and modifications.

Some of my members of the 508th outside the church.

Super happy with the end results. I do have some of 4Grounds church accessories coming, which I will alter with destructive goodness, and that will add a bit more narrative to the inside of the building - with broken and burned pews, the altar and font. There is one other thing I'd like to try that will take the final product to another level, but we'll keep that one under wraps for now :) Anyway, I'm calling this one table ready now.

I guess I should also quickly mention why the blog has been quiet for a while... our superstar at the farm had surgery on both his front legs about a month ago. So everyday it's me and Mr. Jack outside in the pasture for a few hours hand grazing - him, not me - on top of all the normal farm duties. Some mornings it's been pretty cold or raining, but others like today, it's been nice. The best thing is I've been able to put the earbuds in the phone and I've gone back and re-listened to all of The Brit, The Yank, And The Hobby podcasts,, as well as going back to the B.A.R. (I guess I should say "the Bhaaar") and listening to early Bolt Action Radio talk. Good stuff!

I've been working on a French Partisan army for Bolt Action in between this build, so hopefully can finish that up and get some more narrative and Hollywood-esque BA games going. As well getting the church into a Bolt Action AAR.

As always, thanks for looking!