Thursday, February 6, 2020

4Ground Nanhai Trading Post

I actually completed this kit way back in November but have been unbelievably busy (more on the myriad  of reasons why in my next post) and haven't had internet access either so it's taken me this long to just get this simple post together.

And because I completed the kit right before the big move to South Carolina (until May of 2020), I wasn't able to do any kind of customization - and there is a lot of really neat opportunities for them too.

One of the biggest being some ropes and buoys around all these docks and walkways, and around the porch of the building. I think it would really add a lot visually and story wise.

This kit is by far one of my favorites from 4Ground. After years of simple and basic buildings 4Ground are finally getting in a lot more of the little details that I've been wanting and asking for (and have even added myself on older kits), like shutters, variations on interior walls, and roofing details just to name a few.

As with all 4Ground kits you can expect lots of interior play areas and this one doesn't disappoint - even a wrap around porch that adds even more play possibilities.

Again, more time and I could have added some fun customization to the interiors.

I threw my model of Jonah Hex from Great Escape Games onto the dock to add a little southern flavor as the building has a feel of being in a swamp or bayou.

Which is why I decided to put it on a water mat, though it should be much dirtier water if we want it to be a swamp 🙂

In addition to the ropes, I think some weathering along all the support posts would add a lot visually. Barnacles and algae would be perfect if I go with a water environment, which I'm definitely leaning towards for the building.

Lots of really great possibilities for this building and can't wait to figure out where best to utilize it.

As always, thanks for looking and for sticking with the blog during the long absence.