Saturday, March 30, 2019

That Must Be A Peach Of A Hand

Or, "Maybe poker just isn't your game Ike. I know let's have a spelling contest."
I really wanted that to be the title of this post but it wouldn't fit dammit!

These are a bunch of Knuckleduster old west figures I got from the Kickstarter for Gunfighter's Ball - more on that KS in a future posts - and they were painted up by my mate Arthur.

The can-can girls are just brilliant! And the clear bases work a treat for them.

What I really love about the entire Knuckleduster line is the uniqueness of the figures and poses. Does anyone else make a woman sitting on a cowboys lap?

Here is one of the ladies of the saloon trying to upsell appetizers with the drink order at table three.

I was really skeptical that the clear bases wouldn't work on the can-can dancers because of only having one foot available to glue to the base and the balance issue that could cause. But yet again these bases haven't let me down and there is absolutely no issue with the glue or balance. Now these girls can even dance in the streets and their bases won't look out of place lol!

The barkeep and saloon lady. Arthur did an amazing job on that apron!

Sitting cowboy without his can-can friend.

Well look at that, he's found a friend. I'm sure she's only there for the stimulating conversation.

I wanted to try to make the stacks of chips be random with different colors, but my attempts were pretty awful so each stack ended up one color only. But if it were really me at that table, with my OCD, I'd have everyone's stacks the same color anyway! I really like Wild Bill Hickock in the back.

I still have another three poker tables to finish up, along with a faro table. I also need to grab the Knuckleduster pool table set to complete all the saloon games.

I've also begun to read up on the Gunfighter's Ball rules and they look really good, except for movement. You have to roll for movement?!?! As someone who can't even roll out of bed successfully you can imagine my face when I read that when on horse back, for example, you roll 2d10 (foot is 1d10) - knowing full well I'll be rolling snake eyes like it was my job lol! Two inches for movement while riding a horse? Again, I've yet to actually play a game, but it seems incredibly silly to have die rolls be your movement - to me that's a board game mechanic. If anyone has played the game I'd really love to hear your thoughts, especially since I'm already thinking of house ruling this.

Oh Kickstarter... I received this email not too long ago but not sure it's really something to be proud of!

I do need to be a wee bit more selective on what I back going forward - but only after I back Crooked Dice's latest KS for some boss pulp figures lol! Mola Ram? Yes please!

As always, thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

That's A Bingo!

While not an especially big fan of Quentin Tarantino films, I did think 'Inglorious Basterds' was a great movie with some absolutely outstanding performances, especially Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa. One thing Tarantino always does do well is casting, and he gets some absolutely incredible performances out of actors.

These figures are another set from Wargames Illustrated excellent Giants In Miniature line, and are listed as "A Couple of Bastards".

Here is Brad Pitt's character Lt. Aldo Raine. One of the biggest challenges of going to this new type of base is if the figure doesn't have both feet planted on the ground. This was an issue with Aldo, and as you can see I got a bit creative and used an old Warlord metal German helmet for him to step on to even out the figures feet.

And Eli Roth's character Sgt. Donny Donowitz with his bat - the OG Negan in way I guess 😃

I also have an old not Humphrey Bogart figure, from Artizan I believe, who is perfect for Aldo disguised as Italian stuntman Enzo Gorlomi.
*whispers* Gorlami

As always, thanks for looking!