Tuesday, April 30, 2019

No Time For Love Dr. Jones

Who doesn't love Indiana Jones? The bigger question though is why hasn't anyone done a Short Round figure yet?! Crooked Dice I'm looking squarely at you 😃 Especially after CD did an absolutely fantastic Mola Ram figure from their last Kickstarter. I really would have loved to have seen Short Round as opposed to that female Indy figure they did.

Indy is from Studio Miniatures, who right behind Crooked Dice, are one of my favorite miniature manufactures. Someday maybe I'll get him on the tabletop in a game.

This figure is from Crooked Dice and I believe is modeled after Kristy Swanson who plays Diane Palmer in the 1996 movie 'The Phantom', starring Billy Zane and Treat Williams - along with a very young Katherine Zeta Jones 😃 A very fun pulpy movie if you've never seen it.

The only thing that is disappointing is that the Studio Miniatures are always a bit smaller in size when placed next to other manufactures, so Indy is definitely a bit on the smallish side.

When I first came across this figure I immediately had ideas of a game where this model could represent Amelia Earhart and why I had to have it. I had early plans for a possible Historicon game a few years ago where there would be a rescue mission to get her back from her Japanese captors who picked her up after her plane came down on an island the Pacific Ocean. Again, maybe someday lol!

Until next time, thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

You Can Always Tell A Cowboy By The Red Sash

The irony of that title is that you can actually see only one of the cowboys wearing a red sash lol! A bit disappointing, but honestly a very small complaint when you see how great these figures are from Knuckleduster. I got these figures with my Gunfighters Ball Kickstarter but they also have these figures in mounted versions, and they are definitely on a very short list of purchases to make in the near future.

These figures are all modeled after characters from the 1993 film 'Tombstone', and the likenesses are just spot on. I set this little scene up to try to copy the very beginning of the movie when the cowboys come to exact revenge of the killing of two of their own.

Johnny Ringo, the only cowboy who has a red sash.

Curly Bill Brocius - you've seen Curly Bill before in the clear bases tutorial, but now I can show off the poker cards on his chaps! Such a neat part of his outfit that it was an absolute must to have them.

Ike Clanton - played by Stephen Lang. It was only recently that I realized that this was the same guy who also portraid General George Pickett in the film 'Gettysburg' (and also Stonewall Jackson in 'Gods and Generals').

Tom McLaury

Billy Clanton

Frank McLaury

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