Monday, April 30, 2018

Walker Hordes

I wanted to try something a little different with some of my walkers from Mantic's TWD All Out War - hordes.

While individually based walkers look good, I like the idea of multiple walkers clumped all together and think it adds a lot more visually to the table.

Plus it turns out I have a bunch of figures in the same pose, so I chose those to go onto these horde bases.

I had a go at putting 5 figures on a base and I think I could have done a much better job positioning the figures on this first try. Honestly think I may scrap this base entirely and give it another try, visually it just doesn't look right to my eye.

I tried 4 figures on my second attempt and think I did a better job with the positioning.

For gameplay these will still just count as a single figure and I don't think will cause any issues rules wise with the larger base.

Here's a group photo with some of the individually based walkers in the background - on the new work in progress city Walking Dead table.

I totally forgot to take some WIP's photos of the painting, so here are the walkers getting their pins in their feet lol!

So Ivor gets a pat on the back, he actually completed  9 walkers in only two days! And the first painting he's done in quite some time :) Huzzah!

Until next time, thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Two months... incredibly it's been two months since I've updated this blog. That is by far the longest I've gone without an update since I started the blog. There were all kinds of issues that caused that, though the laptop and Internet issues were definitely the big ones - and ones I'm still currently working through. So a big apology to all those that follow!

This was the other big factor for lack of posts and honestly, just a complete lack of anything hobby-wise. 

The bathroom gut and remodel did a complete 180 on any and all plans I had for the time my wife and the horses were down south.

But big picture I need to realize that while I didn't get to do stuff I wanted to (be a nerd up in the studio), I did do stuff that needed done.

I cut enough tile to last me a lifetime!

And I learned a lot - the biggest thing was that I don't like doing remodels lol!

So despite a lack of updates and any real focused time up in the studio I did manage to work on some stuff. All over the place as usual...

I grabbed this aquarium piece on the cheap and added some enhancements to make the perfect centerpiece for a pulp adventure in the jungle.

I added some foliage, vines, leaves, bricks, and a few plants to give the temple an improved look and I couldn't be happier with the results.

I also started to mess about and put together some of my 4ground Fabled Realms buildings.

I picked up a cool airplane for a future pulp game.

Silver paint has brought it back into a more 1930's feel. Details still need done with numbers and such but as usual, baby steps...

I felt I did a really good job (especially considering my past history) not buying into every Kickstarter or pre-order I wanted to - like Monolith's Batman game, Footsore's Gangs of Rome, or Knight Models Harry Potter miniatures game as a few examples.

I did stumble upon a remake of an absolute classic board game from when I was a kid that I couldn't pass up though, Fireball Island!!!

Restoration Games is bringing this back, with tons of extra's, including expansions. I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on this!

Now while I was really good on not buying some things, I can't go very long without throwing my money towards cool stuff - so enters another classic 80's board game, Escape From Colditz. This is the Osprey remake of the original, with improved gameplay, artwork, etc. I absolutely love these kind of cat and mouse/hidden movement type of games and this was one of the best. What would be really fun is if you could bring this into more of a 3D tabletop game with an actual model of the castle and figures :)

Star Wars Legion was another big purchase. I love Star Wars and can't wait to start building the models - though I can see right off the bat I will be moving in a much more relaxed "house rules" direction with the game, and not be dependent on points values.

I also bought a whole bunch of the new 5E Dungeons and Dragons books (again, bargain basement prices and why I grabbed them) - but it was more for curiosity/nostalgia. Watching Critical Role really makes you want to grab your bag of dice and play D&D again, but the reality is if I can't find people to play miniatures games with, I honestly can't see finding people to sit around a table playing a make believe role playing game. Regardless, The Curse of Strahd book has been incredibly fun to read and easily worth the $20.00 it cost me.

A new MDF company, Black Site Studio, have put out some really nice looking buildings at really affordable prices. I picked up 3 kits just to try them out and see how they compare to 4Ground, so stay tuned.

Speaking of 4Ground, this was my secret project I was working on late last year that fell to the wayside - I wanted to show these photos only because 4Ground has just announced they are doing a apocalyptic version of Emma's Diner, which is exactly what I was working on like 6 months ago lol!

I was going crazy stupid with the broken windows.

And even added in a working sign on the front doors.

I picked this particular sign so that I could black out the "N" and the "R" in diner.

That way you would get the "die open 24 hours" flashing. It would still be early days in the zombie apocalypse and that's why the diner still has power - that's my story anyways and I'm sticking with it. You can also see in that first picture I have a Bob's Big Boy sign and statue representing the diner. I wanted something just completely off the wall for this building and thought a giant Big Boy statue would get some laughs from the gamers :)

With all that I mentioned, this was the big project I was and have been attempting since January - a middle America type town for The Walking Dead All Out War game by Mantic.

I decided to go completely against what I've been doing with buildings for the last 5 years and went with model railroad kits instead of my usual mdf kits. The biggest reason was that I just don't feel any company, in my eye anyway, makes really good and diverse city buildings.

Woodland Scenics O scale buildings are just about perfect in my view. Certainly a bit bigger than the normal 28mm stuff, but it's pretty darn close - and all the variety and differences in the buildings makes any scale issue worth it to me.

I laid down cork to raise the areas for sidewalks, parking areas, etc.

Obviously lots and lots to do, but this should be fun to continue and create some really neat narratives in a zombie infested town.

Well, hopefully anyway - my wife has returned home with all the horses and this year looks like it's going to be incredibly busy at the farm.

Fingers crossed I can find time to get up to the studio on a regular basis, especially on days like two weeks ago when I insisted that training be cancelled, but someone else said "no" lol! It was so cold I brought my car down to sit in between rides.

I'm going to try to catch up and leave some comments on the blogs on my reading list since I've actually got the computer working today - I have been reading what you guys have been doing (incredible by the way!!), but it's been exclusively on my phone. I'm always reluctant to write comments on blogs while on my phone because the few times I have, my comments come up as double posts which looks awful and more importantly is incredibly annoying.

Finally, there are several friends who's blogs have also gone quiet lately, I hope all is well and that it is nothing more than technical issues or just real life making it difficult to get to the hobby desk :)

*edited to wish Miles over at Lair of the Uber Geek a speedy recovery and all the best, as his lack of posts I just found out were due to medical reasons. He's doing well and hopefully will be posting up some cool models very soon!*

As always, thanks for looking!