Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jonny Quest Pulp Alley - Clues In Cairo Chapter 2

When we last left the Quest gang it literally was mayhem at Musgrave Manor. Professor Musgrave and his wife have gone missing, presumed kidnapped. And the priceless ancient Egyptian artifact that the professor brought back from Cairo has gone missing as well.

Intelligence One has placed Dr. Benton Quest and Roger 'Race' Bannon on immediate duty to find the missing couple and stolen artifacts.

Chapter 2 - Clues In Cairo
The McLagan gang has just arrived in Cairo by rail and are on their way to meet with Dr. Kazim who will be able to translate further the hieroglyphics on the sarcophagus they have stolen from Musgrave Manor - this will give the location of a long lost tomb.

I rolled for initiative with the McLagan gang winning - and everyone made their way towards the truck waiting outside the train platform except the two followers. They attempted to move the sarcophagus towards the truck using the dolly.

Apparently neither realized exactly how much the sarcophagus weighed! They each had to pass a might challenge and in true Ivor form, I rolled two 1's!

And the health check? Let's roll each one separately, maybe that'll improve my luck. Yeah, not so much, another 1 - so for those of you scoring at home I started the game off by rolling three 1's in a row!?.

Unbelievable. Well, not really. I did pass on the second one :) but straight off one bad guy out with a broken foot.

The Quest gang started in a jeep and drove their way straight ahead with no problems. I did roll a challenge for Race to recognize McLagen as they passed the train station, which was a success. This had Race immediately hatch a daring plan.

McLagan won initiative again, and he immediately sent Amon Sighn back to get the sarcophagus on the dolly and on its way towards the truck. Now with way more muscle the sarcophagus was easily loaded on the dolly and pushed towards the truck. Zedlock jumps into the cab of the truck, as does the other baddie, and backs it up to the dock at the station. McLagan jumps into the back of the truck, and the sarcophagus gets loaded into the back after the challenge is successful - minor plot point completed.

Race's plan - I rolled a series of challenges as Race attempted to jump out of the jeep and Dr. Quest took over the driving duties as the jeep passed the fountain. Everyone succeeded, but the switch did make driving for Dr. Quest more difficult until he regained total control of the jeep as you'll see - I took one dice away on a challenge rolls.

Dr. Quest drew an immediate peril card and succeeds that challenge but one of my perilous areas also came into play with the camel caravan. Dr. Quest made an attempt to swerve out of the way and miss the animals, but this attempted failed and he blasted his way right through a market tent!

With fruit and cart debris flying everywhere the unfortunate victim was Bandit! He failed his health check and his recovery check. Knocked out by an orange right to the noggin!

Race jumped into the fountain to gain a bit of cover and takes a shot at the front tire of the truck and succeeds. This makes the truck harder to turn and it doesn't travel it's normal full distance anymore.

Jonny jumps out of the jeep and makes his way towards their contact, and succeeds in finding out that the next clue is 'Dak' Osbourne back at the Blue Parrot Market. Minor plot point to the Quest league.

The truck drives forward but the damaged tire doesn't take them ahead far enough; it takes them just out of line of sight for any attempts to shoot at Race out of the back. An attempt can be made if a baddie leans out holding the top of the truck, so a challenge card was drawn.

It's a failed attempt and the goon falls out of the truck - the truck must have hit a rock or hole and bounced him right off! A health and recovery check was failed too.

Sighn jumps out of the moving truck successfully though with a "Free Pass" challenge.

The Quests won the initiative to start this turn and saw Race play the 'Foul Play' card hoping that Sighn would fail another challenge, which he did not. Race then ran straight ahead into hand to hand combat with Sighn.

Dr. Quest backs the jeep up and starts to head back across to the Blue Parrot.

Sighn and Race battle in hand to hand combat, with Race taking two hits but passing his health checks. Meanwhile the truck drives ahead to Dr. Kazim's office but passes through the perilous area with the patrolling police. An 'All Clear' challenge gets the bad guys out of any possible trouble and McLagan get the sarcophagus out of the back of the truck.

Next saw McLagan win the initiative and he immediately made his way up to Kazim's office, passing his challenge to get it upstairs. Sighn and Race continue their slugfest in the street - not choosing to match dice this time each take two hits, with each failing one of the two health checks.

Meanwhile, Dr. Quest slams on the gas pedal heading directly towards Race and Sighn, much to the dismay of Jonny and Hadji!

A finesse challenge was made by Sighn to jump out of the way, while Race pulled a Hollywood move by succeeding in jumping onto the back of the jeep with the 'Move Along' card!

Dr. Quest pulled the jeep up to the Blue Parrot and Race headed in to find 'Dak' Osbourne. He just barely passes the challenge with a 10, 4, and a 1, but the Quests now have the location of the lost tomb! Minor plot point achieved. Hadji finally gets in the game and also runs in to get information from Osbourne - a bit of "Sim Sim Salabim" and Hadji now has the location of the missing Stark technology. Three plot points to one in favor of the Quests.

Meanwhile in Kazim's office, McLagan passes his challenge and now he too knows the location of the lost tomb! Minor plot point achieved. Our bad guys exit the truck and begin shooting at the Quest jeep - the first shot misses, but a second shot hits Benton in the arm after failing to dodge and a failed health check knocks him out of the game.

Sighn runs forward and throws his sword at Jonny but Jonny is too quick and jumps out of the way.

Race runs to the edge of the balcony and passing the perilous challenge jumps down onto Sighn! He fails his dodge attempts and takes two hits and fails both health checks and is knocked out.

Hadji yells down to Jonny and tells him that the Stark technology is hidden in the small building next door. While running towards the building the wandering police officer attempts to stop Jonny, but a mysterious person inside the red car shoots a laser stun gun out the window freezing the police officer in his place. Who could this have been?

Jonny continues running using the 'Jonny Slide' and a sprint card to get him well inside the building.

With the last plot point so close I decided to roll on a D20 to see if we would go one more turn and give Jonny a shot at the final plot point. I gave a 25% chance so a roll of 16+ would do it, and remarkably a 19 came up!

The youngest Quest grabs the final plot point by passing his cunning challenge with three successes.

And what does Jonny find inside those boxes?

It can't be... but it looks like it's Howard Stark's notebooks and formulas for a particle accelerator!?  The same technology that was used in The Manhattan Project?! What in the world could this possibly mean?

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 Into The Desert.

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. Blimey! What a rollercoaster! Another great episode...and what a lovely set!

  2. You knocked that one out of the ball park Ivor great stuff, your start did make me laugh 3 1's on the bounce maybe your blog should have a name like mine, as like me you seem to be a high roller of 1's lol

    1. Thanks Frank! That kind of rolling is pretty standard for me and why I try to stick to building and running games :)

  3. Superb stuff! Loved all the action: vehicles sure do add an element to games. And it looked fabulous once again. Excellent all round!

    1. Appreciate it Bill! This was my first go with vehicles and you're absolutely right about adding an extra element to the game!

  4. Was the theme to Indiana Jones playing in my head while reading this? Yes, yes it was :-)

    Awesome narrative and great looking game. Love the bad guy falling out the back of the truck! 19 on a D20 ... not something I could roll ... I'm more in line with the three 1's :-) lol

    Looking forward to the next chapter.

    1. LOL! You know what, I actually always have the Ipod hooked up when playing a game :) Movie scores fill a pretty good percentage of the space!
      One good roll never makes up for all the terrible ones earlier - that's going to be on my gravestone :)

    2. lol!! I hear that. Likewise, I own more movie soundtracks from iTunes than "real" music ;-)

    3. Ha! My brother from another mother!

  5. THANKS so much for playing and sharing Pulp Alley. It is so much fun reading your Pulp Alley battle reports.


    1. Absolutely Dave, really appreciate you stopping by to read through the game:) It's pretty amazing to have the guy who created the game so involved with those of us who play, the thanks really goes to you!