Thursday, February 5, 2015

DMH Main Street Two Story Buildings & Another Saloon

This update shows a couple of two story buildings and a name change to C.F. Caldwells Undertaker and Furniture Maker. These three are pretty basic and simple upgrades, so there really isn't a whole lot to talk about.

First up is Rowdy Kate's Sweet Magnolia Dance Hall. I really struggle with finding the right "business" to fit into the two story buildings. Does this size of a building really hold a dance hall? Probably not. Am I thinking way too much into it. Absolutely. Anyway, here was another sign that when I saw it, I knew it had to get onto a building.

As with the other two story buildings, I wish I'd have painted a wall or two so the yellow wouldn't stand out so much. Another roof upgrade was done here as well. 4Ground Bleached Wood Axed Shingles did the job well - and I completed the peak shingles correctly as well! No wash or anything was applied to the shingles.

I bought one of 4Grounds piano kits and it fits perfectly with this particular establishment! Really neat little kit that went together easily and certainly looks the part. I added some bunting onto the second floor balcony to try to draw attention away from all the yellow. And another clock has made its way into Fords Canyon - that 3:10 to Yuma is almost here!

The Land Surveyor, with Victor Ario's Saddlery & Harness Trunks & Luggage occupying the second floor, is 4Grounds main street building #2 repainted with Army Painters Matt White. I did leave the window and door frames red. I can't tell you how well that the 4Ground woods take to spray paints. I'm here to tell you, don't be afraid to change up some colors on your buildings.

It's super easy and more importantly your buildings won't look exactly like everyone else's. The key is you have to do your painting before you actually start the build! Paint everything right on the sprues.  


If I could go back, I would definitely change the colors of a few of the first buildings I purchased - though I dare not try to change the color of a building already completed, too much taping off of the window frames and door frames would make it too difficult.

More Balsa wood posts were added to the front porch. This building has 4Ground's New Wood Shingles with a real light wash applied.  

The Red Dog Saloon replaced C.F. Caldwells Undertaker and Furniture business. When the Undertakers was first announced I was pretty excited because it was a corner building. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is just something about the corner buildings I really love the look of.

I always thought that this building was way too big and way too nice for an Undertaker - I have some ideas for a new Undertaker business so he'll definitely be represented in Ford's Canyon, but a big building like that, it has to be a saloon. So was established The Red Dog Saloon. I found some really neat signs that I sized to fit into the Undertakers frames. Again, I added bunting all the way around the front porch.

More Balsa wood posts were added around the porch. I had started to paint the window and door frames red on the back wall of the building, and the plan was to continue all the way around the entire building in an attempt to change the original colors of the building. I quickly found that that was going to be an incredibly time consuming task. Time I felt could be better spent on a hundred other "to do's" I have waiting! Maybe someday I'll come back to that. Styrene was added and painted to both the porch overhang and the roof to improve the look. Lamp posts and horse hitches are placed around the front. I have since made "Rooms For Rent" sign on the back of the building much bigger.

The two figures out front are from Blue Moon. Part of their 28mm Tombstone Civilians set. They've got some really neat figures in there - lots more I need to still paint - but I definitely recommend them. The same with the rest of their 28mm Wild West line. I have them all, as I grabbed them at Historicon a few years ago when I had the Old Glory Army card, and couldn't be happier with them - those I actually have all painted and based anyway. I'm sure I'll do a future post focusing on all my figures.

As Always, thanks for looking!


  1. Great looking building and setup! Looking to get into DMH myself, and your blog is a nice source of inspiration.

    1. Much appreciated! It's a great game! I really like it because it's easy to learn, easy to remember the rules (I consistantly screw rules up, it's the only thing I'm really really good at!), fast play, but most importantly it's fun. Highly recommend it!
      And 4Grounds support for it helps quite a bit too!

    2. Old west! We are
      In it right now!

  2. Very immersive! These buildings are really fantastic, congrats!