Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ghostbusters Updates and WIPs

Though not a lot of updates on the blog, lots of pieces and parts coming in for the Ghostbusters game and also lots of WIPs getting finished for other games as well, so very pleased with the current progress.

Finally got through making plates for almost all my trees. I still need to complete maybe 5 or 6 more plates and that will actually clear every tree I have built currently (I still have two boxes of Woodland Scenics trees that do need built, but those may end up going into the 'ebay sell' pile).

I used the pieces of MDF from my failed attempt at modular streets for my Dead Man's Hand game I tried a few years ago to make the tree plates. It's 1/8" thick MDF that I cut into both circular and kidney shaped pieces, then I cut and sanded down the edges to give them a softer edge. Not having the hard edge makes the transition much more visually appealing in my opinion. 

I cut the bases of some of the trees a little and then just super glued them down. I had thought about doing magnets again, like I did with The Chicago Way board, but ultimately decided to go with the quicker option just to get them on the table.

Since the MDF was already brown in color I didn't even bother putting down an undercoat of brown to simulate dirt. PVA brushed on the MDF and then flock applied, completed all the plates in less than an hour.

Above and below are some of the completed trees (but realized when taking the pictures I forgot to paint the bottom trunks, oops). I now have 15 tree plates to use for games and I couldn't be happier about not having to set up individual trees anymore!

I also finally completed a couple of resin hills I've had for close to a year.

These are really nice solid resin pieces that I grabbed super cheap off of Ebay. No bubbles in the cast at all, a quick spray with some primer and they were ready to go.

I went through with some cheap tan acrylic paint and painted the areas of rock.

And then went with a brown acrylic paint where I was going to have grass. Then it was PVA and flock over those spots.

I used Citadel Nuln Oil for my wash of the rocks. Dollar wise, probably not the best choice for a project this large, as with all Citadel products it's pretty expensive, but I felt the end result was definitely worth it.

I also primed and started to paint some pulp objective markers I picked up close to a year ago as well. I thought these could work well for Pulp Alley, but perhaps they could work for 7TV too. They are from Spartan Games, and the castings are absolutely fantastic! They are made from resin, with no bubbles and absolutely zero clean up needed.

The only thing I don't care for is the bases they are on. The base is actually a part of the mold, so there really isn't a way to separate the objective from it unless you went Dremel crazy. A bit disappointing because I feel it makes them look a bit too big, though I do think they are originally made for a 32mm game.

The detail on each individual objective marker is amazing. Hopefully I can get them painted up to the standard they deserve. Stay tuned.

I also got my gates together for the Manor table. Unfortunately I don't see any way to get the gates to actually open and close. Damn 4Ground has completely spoiled me with opening and closing doors!

The ghosts, spooks, and spectres have slowly been starting to arrive to tangle with our ghost busting heroes. Lots of Reaper Bones figures, along with some D&D miniatures as well.

The Reaper figures look fantastic right out of the package! Maybe a light dry brush to bring out some highlights, but they look pretty much ready go now as you can see from the first photos up top.

The D&D figures aren't nearly as good as the Reaper stuff, but I think they can add a bit of variety, especially when I get them rebased. Really like the bat swarms :)

And finally, trying to clean up and paint some neat little scenery pieces for more of a spy-fi pulp like game. Again, another Ebay purchase, which have some really fun lab equipment or super villain lair pieces. Computers, lockers, terminals, filing cabinets, there is even a copy machine! Unfortunately these do have quite a lot of bubbles in the castings that need filled.

A quick final photo of the table set up with The Chicago Way figures for a Little Bohemia scenario shootout I had.

More updates coming soon!

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. So much good stuff here, Ivor! Those spooks look great. And love that last picture: what a nice table.

    1. Thanks a lot! Hopefully I'll get a couple AAR's up soon, I've got two really neat tables and games set up right now, so stay tuned!