Sunday, October 7, 2018

Zomtober 2018 Week One

So begins another Zomtober October - and it's a nice coincidence that it is on the same day as the season premier of The Walking Dead! I figured I may as well go with a money shot right off the bat with the 11 walkers I painted this week along with everything from last year.

And a bit of a zoom in on the photo gives the horde a much more impressive feel, especially with Rick all by himself on the other side of the police car. I am currently sitting at 44 painted and based zombies.

I decided to go ahead and prime the remainder of all my Mantic walkers for this month's challenge.

Well, what I thought were the remainder of all my walkers - I've found about 6 more that will need to see the priming can.

I've struggled with the "right" skin tone - in my eyes anyway - on Zombies since my very first one over a year ago. After trying something completely different this time around - many layers and actually starting with a flesh base - I think I've finally found the right recipe.

And the first 11 for this go around, on the new and improved clear bases. I've decided not to go overboard with the blood this time around as well. The casualty figure is from TT Combat - I wanted to try to paint up one to see how it would look. I think they will add a lot to the narrative of a board. I do have two boxes of Mantic's prone figures, so I hope to get those done this month as those are much more detailed and look much better overall.

This close up shows the new skin tones. The model on the left is literally a beast and quite menacing. The one on the right I thought I'd paint up like Shaggy from Scooby Doo just for fun.

I went back and pulled all the Litko clear bases off of last years completed walkers and changed them to the new thin clear bases. I threw them all on the mall tile for their glamour shot. It's just amazing what a difference the new bases make.

Here is the blog list for this years Zomtober Challenge - hopefully I've got everyone, if I've missed you just comment below and I'll add you in.

Simon - Brummies Wargaming Blog
Pulp Citizen - Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer
Rob Bresnen - Four Colour Super Minis
Kieron - Cheaphammer!!
Terry Silverthorn - Miniature Mayhem
Bryan Scott aka Vampifan - Vampifan's WOIN Blog
Colgar6 - Colgar6 And The Infinite Legion Of Toy Soldiers
Clint - Anything But A One
Phil Curran - Dizbusters Gaming Ephemera
Dai - The Lost And The Damned And The Stunted
Myincubliss - Dead Lead Project
Greg - The Wargaming Addict

The rules for the challenge are simple - to take part you just need to paint one zombie or survivor (or more!) each week in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by that week's Sunday. So that means posting each week on or before the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th this year.

Until next time, thanks for looking!


  1. Pretty impressive Ivor, they sure look good on the new bases. An excellent start to the challenge.

  2. Wonderful start to Zomtober! 11 Zed's! Nicely done!

  3. Looking good Ivor, the thin bases are hardly noticeable on the tiles :)

    1. Thanks Frank! Yeah, it's crazy how these new bases just blend right into the environment.

  4. Excellent work Ivor, and very impressive total output. Kudos. :)

  5. A very impressive set up. I like them.

  6. Is it that time of year already?
    Good luck with your zombie horde! How many zombies in a horde anyway? 😀

    1. Thanks a lot Stew! For me, anything more than two is a horde 😁

  7. Your games must be a joy to play in. I noticed the houses in the background, great work.

    1. Much appreciated George! For this particular board I decided to try something completely different and use railroad model buildings instead of the traditional wargaming buildings - still a WIP and I'll hopefully put up a post in the future focusing solely on the changes and differences (pros and cons) between the railroad and wargaming stuff.

  8. Goodness, you really are showing off now. 11 in a week indeed...

    Looks bloody good tho mate, especially your photo set up.

    1. Thanks a lot Dai! Yeah, I don't see 11 happening again though lol! Though I have got quite a few survivors coming up for this weekend.

  9. You're off to a flying start here Ivor, and the new terrain is looking awesome!
    I'm really liking the new vibe to season nine of TWD btw :-)

    1. Much appreciated Greg! Lots still to do with the terrain, but I am liking the look of the model railroad buildings quite a bit.
      I am too! I think this season will be the true "all out war", between what were once friends now breaking off into three groups and all fighting each other.