Saturday, August 29, 2015

Liverpool Completed

The irony of me completing my Liverpool squad on a day when the real team were absolute garbage is painful; I couldn't possibly be happier with the final results on my figures, the real squad... that could be a whole other post!

I went ahead and did numbers on the front of the shorts and really feel this has made a huge improvement to the figures.

I also went ahead and made Premier League patches and placed them on everyone's shirts as well; another improvement that I feel really make the figures look the part!


I even went ahead and put a captain's armband on Hendo!

Overall, extremely pleased with the finished product, despite a lack of varied head sculpts. Manchester City just need their shorts numbers and Premier League patches and they are completed. Arsenal is already halfway finished; based, boots painted, name and number plates all printed out. Now the question is who do I paint as my fourth and final team? United, Chelsea, Tottenham, or someone else? 

As always,
Thanks for looking!


  1. Definitely need to paint up United. They look awesome, I agree, adding the numbers and premier league patch ties them all together!

    1. Thanks! I agree, I'm probably going to do United; there really isn't any way I could do Chelsea, I absolutely despise Diego Costa and Jose Mourinho too much :)

      I am going to get two more squads from Bob though; being a historical gamer, I want to paint the German National team and the Allied team from the movie "Escape To Victory ", I think that'll be fun to have on the table!