Sunday, August 30, 2015

Manchester City Complete

I finished with Manchester City today; same as I did with Liverpool, I added numbers to the front of the shorts and also added Premier League patches on each figures shoulders.

Liverpool and Manchester City in the opening match of the season!

Arsenal is on the painting table, halfway complete. Hopefully I'll get them done in the next few days, and then on to Manchester United.

As always,
thanks for looking!


  1. You're making great progress on your metal pile. Very nice work indeed. Are you using decals for the shirts?
    What scale (ish) are the figs?

  2. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated! You know, my initial plan had me buying waterslide decal paper and a couple of bottles of Micro Sol setting solution to help with before and after application. But while waiting for the second bottle to arrive I ended up just playing around on the computer with the images I wanted to use and printed them on regular printer paper.
    If you really look closely you can see some hard edges on the sponsors and name/numbers. I think that it looks good enough though, and is way more cost effective.
    The packages say 30mm, but I haven't put them next to any other figures to get an idea how they scale up to other manufacturers.

  3. Nicely done Ivor, beautiful minis!